Frequency Activation Call

Frequency Activation Call is a deep dive into the highest frequency of your energy

This call combines the energetics of Human Design, with Gene Keys and Archetypal work to help you decode the essence of your soul purpose to create lasting prosperity and bliss in all areas of your life.

During an approximately 2h call, we explore the archetypal energies of key activated gates and lines of your Human Design chart, and I show you how to transmute their shadow frequencies into the highest potency gifts to help you heal your self-worthiness wounds and activate the prosperity codes encoded in your DNA.

How is a Frequency Activation Call different from a Human Design Reading?

A Human Design Reading is designed to give you an insight into how you energetically interact with people, opportunities, and your surroundings. It's intended for people who are relatively new to Human Design and are just starting to work with energetics.

A Frequency Activation Call takes you beyond the intellectual understanding of your energy and into the quantum realm of vibrational frequency. It creates a resonance at the level of your soul and is, therefore, better suited to people who are familiar with energetics and vibrational frequencies.

What happens after you purchase a Frequency Activation Call?

Once you purchase a Frequency Activation Call, I will email you asking you for your birth information (date, time and location of birth are needed to create your energetic chart) and with a few suggested days & times for the call. I operate in the Central European Time zone and I can easily accommodate clients from all the time zones.

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